Turnout decoder for 12 turnouts

My last railroad used Fleischmanns turnout throughout the entire model. For these turnouts, I built my first turnout decoders. Standard 160×100 mm PCB, all the components through-hole versions and each card controls 12 turnouts. Overall I had 8 cards active at the track and they worked great. Since I do not use these cards anymore, I haven’t update the software for a long time. But the last time I used them, everything worked great.

There is a USB port located on the cards. It’s not used, and you do not need to solder on that one. It was for future expansions and controls. For the same reason, you can’t put the card address in the traditional way. You have to choose the correct image when you program the micro controller.

I have not created any image for the micro controller in a long time. If there is anyone who is eager to build and use this turnout decoder, write a comment to this article and I will compile it and put it up here for easy access.

växeldekoder x12
Kretskortlayout från FreePCB

One thought on “Turnout decoder for 12 turnouts

  • John

    Hi, will this work with Peco coils ?
    I recently built a DCC_Gen ( see Paco Canada) with S88 and want to build/replace my DCC turnout decoders with S88 turnout coil decoders, will this give me position feedback and a separate power source for the coils ?
    Do you have a schematic ? What pic is used ?

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