The trackplan os basically a dogbone with a station at one end and a hidden yard in the others, plus two side trip to two other station. But there is ofcourse also goods handling with load / unload track at the docks, storage sidings and a railway museum at one of the station. The railway museum is one of the mayor items on the railroad as that allow me to run both old and new trains at the same time, without having a problem with epoc mixups.

The detailed trackplan is made in Anyrail. Only the visible tracks are on this drawing. Hidden yards, tracks in tunnels and so on is not visible.

Track materials

All tracks are Peco C55, with electrofrog turnouts. In previous railroad , I used Fleischmanns tracks without the rail bed. But after trying Peco, I think they are superior in every way, except the assembly. This depends, however, on the fact that I have developed my own servo holders for controlling the turnouts. And they can be a bit tricky to get right. Fleischmann’s was much easier. Drill holes for the cable to the turnout, glue, done. But as the assembly is a one-time job I’ll be happy to do that extra work if you compare the appearance, functionality and reliability of the end result. More information about the servo control system and how it is connected, you’ll find under the description of the servo controller.

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