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Restart after summer

Restart after summer

For a number of month, this website have been offline due to DDOS attacks and other activities that destroyed the fun of having a website of your own. So I just closed it down. But I’ve really been missing about writing of my railroad activities so I decided to give it another try.

My last post was about 6 month ago. During that time, I’ve installed a roundtable together with some engine sheds on my N-Scale railroad. Also doing some rework of those buildings, painting and weathering them. I first tried with the Peco roundtable, but I had problems with high-pitched sounds, hard movements and so on. So I switched to an old used Fleischmann roundtable that I bought 2 years ago on an auction. After some service it works pretty ok. It’s a bit large, but I will keep that one installed on the layout. And that was as much as I did until summer hit us with warm and lovely weather. So no more time to sit indoor with trains. Time to move outdoor.


One of the mayor things I’ve done this summer is to plan and start building the outdoor railroad. I will upload some pictures over the next couple of days here on the website, together with layout plans and so on. I also recorded the first video of the outdoor layout. The video can be found on youtube here.

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