G Scale

A couple of years ago, we moved into our new house. My wife made the fatal mistake and told me at the viewing: “If we buy this house you can build a large garden railroad”. In the following spring and summer the biggest project was of course the garden railroad.

When I started out, I planned to run with a lot of DCC trains, as I have pretty good experience with that from my N-Scale railroad. But instead, I got introduced to the Live Steam world and is now totally hocked on that. So the electric engines is now being converted into raid-controlled with batteries instead of power through the track. Good for me, all turnouts was powered through separate cables and is in a totally different system compared to track power. So that can still be used. Turnouts is controlled by a Wi-Fi controller that I build myself and there will be instructions and information on that during the spring when I reconnect everything. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the latest video that was taken an early spring day.

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