My entire railroad is computer controlled. Many people think it’s boring and says it’s not true model railroading when the trains can run itself. I say it’s the opposite! I have a pretty large railroad so I can’t possibly run all the trains simultaneously myself. If I for example do shunting activities, all the passanger trains will stand still. I am, after all, a man and can only do one thing at a time. It is here that the computer control is so perfect. I let the computer run all the passanger trains as a defult action. Obviously, I can go in and run a line myself if I want. My son of 4 years usually like to do this. So with realistic traffic on the track I can concentrate on shunting and maneuvering. I usually let the computer take care of departure and arrival of freight trains. Just as if it where real. For example, If I’m shunting I usually dont jump in and run the entire freight train to then next station. Someone else is doing that, and for me, someone else is the computer.

The program I use for computer control is TrainController Gold. I’m also using TrainProgrammer and SmartHand+, incl one classic controller.

I will try to fill in tips and trix together with detailed descriptions on how to calibrate the train speeds, connect signals, feedbacks and so on. But until that is done, you have to do with my layout from TrainController.


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