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Back in the game

Back in the game

Seven years! It’s been seven years without my N-scale railroad. Ok, so let’s travel back to 2017 and explain what happened. At the beginning of 2017, my wife started her own company. As it takes a long time to start up something new, we had to keep the costs down and one way to do that was to run the company from home. And for that, she needed space. So we decided to take the room that was dedicated to my railroad and use that as her primary office space. Sad, but still the right call at the time. So I gently removed all building, locos, rolling stocks and everything else that wasn’t strongly fixated at the table. As it wasn’t the first time I had to pack down a model railroad, I had built it in sections. And I was very happy for that because it was possible to disconnect the different sections without destroying anything. So that’s what I did and I got a place in the garage where I stored everything for 7 years.

Back to present time. My wife’s company now have an office and the old room had been used as my hobby room, but with no railroad. I have been focusing a lot on G-scale instead and with live steaming engines. The railroad in the garden have grown and we have a lot of fun on that. But we needed to rearrange some storage in the house and we had a short discussion within the family on how and where we should have everything. And then my wife says “Why don’t you put up the small-train railroad again? You had so much fun with it!”. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about it. Fully focused on G-scale, it totally slipped my mind. But I instantly got a huge smile on my lips and started to plan for the start-up of my old n-scale railroad.

After a lot of work with rearranging the rooms in the house, I have now started to put up the old railroad. Still haven’t tried anything and I’m a bit scared of how everything will work and how much work it will be to get it all running again. At some point during the planning, I checked under the tables and realized how much circuit-boards, cables, servos, connections and such things there is. Then it hit me, I had a webpage for all that stuff. So I went back to this site and after a lot of work with WordPress, I managed to get the site back up again. And man was I happy when I realized how much documentation I have written here. I will be a goldmine for myself in order to get up-to-date with all that I did and get the railroad working again.

So my plan is to re-open this webpage and keep updating it with progress as I did before. I will switch to only write in English and not in English + Swedish as I did before. Saves me time and Google Translate works great these days. I will also write more about what happens with the G-scale railroad, live steam and with 7 ¼” that I got involved with lately.

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