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Web is finally up

You know how it is! I will just fix that small thing, and that one, and make those, AND fix that before I start with the webpage. That’s the exact way I’ve been thinking since I started with the constructions of the underlying tables for the railroad. But now when most of the tracks are in place, all servos is working as intended and all the blocks and turnouts have feedback connections, it’s time. And the result is this web and this is my first post on it. Yay!

So why my own web?

I have three reasons for creating my own web

  1. My family and friends that live in different parts of the country, or don’t have the possibility to come and visit as frequent, still have a chans to keep track of the progress.
  2. I’m designing and creating almost all of the electronic components to the railroad myself. This includes feedback cards, servo controllers, signal controllers and so on. I like to share that with other people so it’s available for everyone.
  3. A reminder for myself. I’m sure that everyone that is active with this hobby have a number of notes and drawings stuffed away everywhere. For examples the colors you use for the wires, or how you mixed that exact painting. So I decided to put everything in here, so I don’t need those notes myself, and maybe someone else can find the useful

If there is anything special that you see on the pictures, or just wonder how I did it or where I bought it, please send me a mail, contact me on Twitter or just leave a comment on any of the pages. I’l by happy to help

One thought on “Web is finally up

  • Berny Perzon

    Som jag ser det : Snygg och informativ sida och den kommer antagligen att bli ännu bättre.

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