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Servo holder and the smaller station

Servo holder and the smaller station

Söndagens MJ aktiviteter var fokuserade på två olika saker. Dels att

Last sundays RR activites was focused on two parts. Number one was to create the 12 servoholders that will be needed for all the turnouts at the smaller stations. Kind of boring work to create them, but on the other hand it’s something you do once and then their made. So buckle up, turn on some good music and start using all those powertools we all love so much

These new servoholders will be used for the turnouts that I also put into place today. The moment, when you stand with all the turnouts, connected to each other in your hands with about 30 cables hanging from it is a scary moment. Will the pre-drill holes be exactly correct? This time, everything went great and all the turnouts are in place and fixed to the underlying silent railroad bed.

So to summarize the weekend, everything’s been going great. I wish it always went like this….


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