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Servos, cables and electronics

Servos, cables and electronics

As some of you may have understood, I’ve working on the smaller station right now. And this past week was focused on all the electronics that is needed for the servos and block feedbacks. So I started with creating servo holders in my workshop. 12 of them in total. Well, I just needed 11 to be honest, but I wanted one extra to measure turnout positions for the fiddle yard that I will start with after the smaller station. I continued with mounting the servo holders under the turnouts, and measured the end positions for the servo arms. That’s a job that requires accuracy!

Putting them into position is one thing, connecting all the cables is another. And trust me on this, there is a lot of cables. All servos have of course the servo daughter board, but also feedback connections and J & K feeders to the insulated frog.

All blocks needs to be connected to the block sensor, and for this station, there where 13 of them so far. But that does not include the engine shed, coal tracks and so on. I guess one blocksensor with 16 sensor wont be enough. Well, they are cheap and easy to build, so I guess I just create one more….

But i’m not done with the electronics. The feedback for the turnout positions together with general feeder cables is still missing. So I guess it will still be a couple of days until we can see the first train arrive to the station. But that’s a moment I really look forward to!

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